Tailored fit vs standard fit

Written by Penny Gibbs on .

Hearing positive feedback from a client about recent work is very rewarding. Especially when half way into the piece of work you felt like you would never get past a stage of understanding what it is they actually wanted or that it didn't exist, ever!

Working in the communications and engagement field for the NHS for eight years now, it's always been difficult to explain what my job is – marketing, PR, engaging with people…? But the general term ‘engagement’ has many definitions and meanings to different people. In my opinion, it has to be tailored to meet the needs of whatever you are doing, and there is no standard approach. I came across this recently, when a director of strategy of a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) I’m working with, wanted an engagement policy based on the value of a service. It was difficult to try and justify that the value of service potentially changing should not inform how the engagement should take place. But what evidence or examples could I find to back up this theory?

Express yourself through your Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Written by Penny Gibbs on .

In this blog, Pat Roberts, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) lay member for Wolverhampton CCG, tells us about her experience of supporting PPGs in Wolverhampton

Part of my role here at Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is to listen and engage with patients in the City. I ensure that the patient voice is included in all the work of the CCG and express the patient viewpoint at the Governing Body meetings. In order to do this we have an engagement framework to reach as many patient groups as possible. GP surgeries have created PPGs, to listen and communicate with their patients. As there are 47 practices in Wolverhampton, we arrange a quarterly forum for PPG Chairs to meet and network - this is a good way for me to hear what the issues are, not only about GP surgeries but other services too.

Repaying the NHS

Written by Penny Gibbs on .

In this blog, David Hardy the patient panel secretary of Audley Health Centre, tells us why he helped to establish his local PPG and the essential ingredients every PPG needs to succeed.

Earlier this year my wife and I (pictured) were invited to the House of Lords where I was presented with the British Citizen’s Award for services to the community. It was a huge honour to be nominated by the practice manager at my local GP surgery where I, along with several other patients, have spent the past six years working to give patients a major voice in the local NHS.

Engagement in the digital age

Written by Penny Gibbs on .

Here at Involvement we're keen to hear your views on how best to engage.  We welcome a guest blog from Paul Radin about using digital solutions.  Paul is an Involvement Volunteer from Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust.

Social Media is a massive opportunity for the NHS. An opportunity to engage with patients and public on a scale and to a depth never before possible. It’s easily the best engagement tool to arrive since the printing press. So isn’t it time we started making good use of it?

From Great Gatsby to the NHS

Written by Penny Gibbs on .

After finishing university I found myself in the place most graduates find themselves in; what do I do now? How do I progress from an undergraduate English and History student who barely is able to make sure all her clothes are clean and only had five contact hours a week; to being an adult in the world of work? At university I was fortunate enough to stumble upon something I really found a passion for and that was organising events. These were purely for the dance society, my other passion in life, but the question was how to follow up this experience into the ‘real’world.


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