Order, order! – keep your politicians in the engagement loop

Written by James Turner on .

Flick through any newspaper and you’ll see evidence of the powerful influence that politicians exert on local NHS media coverage. The local MP or councillor is often the first point of call for a local journalist seeking an opinion on NHS issues in their patch.  And in the run-up to the election, the NHS is coming under increased political scrutiny. That’s why I’d argue that political stakeholders should be near the top of the list of any NHS organisation that is consulting on change.

Health Gogglebox: Look and learn

Written by Christine De Souza on .

I was at my GP practice with my toddler the other day. As we waited, I observed the people in the waiting room; some were speaking quietly, whilst others were leafing through magazines. I gave a cursory glance at the leaflets on the wall promoting flu jabs, PPG memberships and advice on prescription requests.


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