Is the NHS talking enough?

Written by Aaron Chawro on .

With the continuous rise of new information and communication technology, it is ever more vital that the healthcare sector remain up to speed with the various forms of communication channels, to both inform and engage the public.

From my time gaining experience in the NHS, it is clear to see that some are developing its use of different mediums to engage both locally and nationally.  I have gained experience of this in the ‘Involvement’ programme.

Is more really the merrier?

Written by Christine De Souza on .

It’s drizzling outside today. It’s the kind of very light rain that you might hardly even notice, if not for the wet road and the slight puddles. The team are poring over feedback that’s come through from a recent public engagement event.

Up and down the country, a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to encourage and involve people to have their say in the commissioning of their local healthcare services. 

Engaging to boost long-term conditions support

on .

Over a quarter of England’s population – 15.4 million – has a long-term condition. Care for those people absorbs 70 per cent of the country’s hospital and primary care budgets.

Engagement has an important role to play in reducing their impact, through fostering more integrated support to help people manage their long-term condition, allowing them to be as independent and healthy as possible.


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