Regional Networks

is made up of three Networks covering the West Midlands, East Midlands and East of England, open to professionals and lay experts involved in engagement.

Network map

Between them, these areas include 60 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and four NHS England Sub-Regions (formerly known as Area Teams).


The Networks will act as hubs for professionals and lay experts to share engagement experiences, good practice, and tools and resources. They also offer links to other organisations, including those in the charity and voluntary and community sectors, providing opportunities for more collaborative working and greater outreach.

Working with the system

Each Network is designed to work with the system, linking in with existing, vibrant networks to provide additional resources, expertise and outreach. In areas lacking well-established networks, Involvement will rejuvenate this support, cementing links between professionals and lay experts and opening up new possibilities for working together and learning from each other on engagement.

Access your Network

Being part of a Network means you’re part of a community. You’ll receive regular updates, as well as news and useful information from the programme.

You will also have opportunities to attend events or webinars for professionals and lay experts, to share your experiences. You may also hear more about the Involvement project through Networks you are already involved in.

As a registered user you will receive news from your network, alternatively get in touch via the online contact form.


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