Involvement Online


is an online platform for professionals and lay experts, and patients and public. It joins people together to create a more engaged health community.

NHS Int-25 web

  • Professionals and lay experts can connect, find rated engagement tools and resources, access groups of patients and public and link in with their regional Network (East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England)
  • Patients and public can be signposted to ways to get involved, register their interests in groups, connect with others and find easy-to-use information on the NHS

How the site works:

  • Interact – register and create a profile to connect with others, join groups around issues you are interested in and share your stories
  • Connect & Create, Change – find out more about what engagement actually is, as well as techniques that can help you in your work. Here, you’ll also find case studies showcasing great engagement at work
  • Tools & Resources – access a library of guides, templates and videos offering you support. Source training, venues and suppliers rated by other professionals – and rate them yourself


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