Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS)

Building links with the voluntary and community sector is vital for good stakeholder engagement. Involvement is building stronger linkages with these organisations to encourage more joint working in the NHS.

Navigating this busy voluntary and community sector can be difficult, owing to the fact there are a myriad of organisations supporting different causes and groups.

However, involvement is essential, as this sector holds a wealth of intelligence - each organisation is very close to the community it serves. By building relationships with your stakeholders here, engagement can be better targeted because of the real, on-the-ground links to communities they possess.

Most regions already have a well-formed voluntary and community sector network. Often, an overarching organisation will communicate regularly with that network, meaning it is wise to go through them to establish a connection with a part of the sector you are trying to reach.

For example, if your project is about reaching young carers, you can approach the overarching organisation for support in making links with the right people.
Involvement is working with One East Midlands (EM) and RAWM (Regional Action West Midlands) – umbrella organisations with broad reach into the sector.

Other organisations to approach on a more local regional basis, which work closely with smaller, community-based groups, may be called:

  • Voluntary action
  • Community action
  • Community voluntary service
  • Voluntary and community service

Involvement offers Tools & Resources on working with the voluntary and community sector.


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