Design and Digital

Design and digital is an important communications function to consider in your engagement work.

Encourage buy-in by considering how you can use design to illustrate or brand your project, or simplify it for your audience. Using digital expertise will also help you tailor your website to your users, making it easier for them to engage with you. It can also offer you innovative ways of communicating with your stakeholders, opening doors to new groups.

Call upon the expertise of a design team to help you explore options open to you. They will help you determine whether branding is necessary, and will build design into your various communications to give it more impact.

Digital – Website development, e-newsletters and video production are just some of a toolbox of digital communications methods you can use


A good engagement strategy considers the role of design and digital from the outset. Approach your experts to help you decide areas for their input – below are some areas you may want to approach them for advice on.


  • Branding – A large-scale engagement campaign or project running for a long period of time may require branding.
  • Website development – If your project requires its own website, microsite, or a distinct area of an existing website developing.
  • Web content – Content must be written in plain-English, so that it is easy-to-read and understand. An expert will also be able to ensure it is search engine optimised (SEO), giving it the necessary ingredients to make it appear high up in search rankings. This makes it easy to find by your target audiences.
  • Designing collateral – Unless your adverts, leaflets, banners and other collateral is eye-catching and easy-to-read, it is unlikely to be read, which will mean you are not engaging with people. Ask for design support to make your work visually appealing and accessible.
  • Template development – Whether you are creating a newsletter, presentation, press release, or other communications document, a well-designed template will give your work identity – a key factor in letting people know it’s your organisation that created it.
  • Video production – Sometimes a video is the best way to tell people about your work. Done well, they capture the attention and say so much more in a shorter time than words on a page.
  • E-communications – The world of e-communications is vast, so seeking advice from a digital expert will help you define the best ways to engage with people.



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