Marketing aims to get closer to customers and fulfil their needs. Traditionally, it is concerned with the ‘Four Ps’:

  • product
  • place
  • price
  • promotion.

Using marketing techniques in engagement can help you get the right message to your customers or audiences and create conversation with them - in the right place, at the right time. It’s a good idea to consider how you can explore ways to use marketing in your work.

Below is a brief outline of how marketing is central to engagement.


Marketing plans can form the basis of a strategy for a large-scale campaign, or dovetail into a wider communications and engagement plan.
Marketing activities should be designed to contribute to reaching a project’s aims and objectives. The plan should explain how these activities contribute and bring the project closer to its goals. When setting out these activities or approaches, timescales will need to be put in place and key deliverables assessed – these being the goods or services you are stating you will provide.

When planning, it’s important to build reporting mechanisms or pre-agreed KPIs (key performance indicators) into a campaign or project, and points at which to measures success. This will allow you to adjust your plan as you go, building on successes and perhaps adapting activities that haven’t delivered the results you wanted.


  • Events – Marketing can offer events support, both in finding the right venue and equipment and advising on the mix of traditional and digital techniques to interact with your audience, even linking in with those who aren’t able to attend in person.
  • Advertising – You may feel you want to use paid-for advertising to market your project. A marketing expert will be able to help you decide where to advertise, such as through publications or websites in a particular geographic area, and what the cost may be.
  • Marketing materials – From leaflets and banners, to merchandise and freebies, there are a number of ways to inform and grab the attention of your audience and a marketing expert will be able to help you decide what is best for you to use.
  • Creative ideas – It may be that you need creative support in helping you reach a target audience. Marketing will help you find creative ways to showcase your project, from designing a roadshow to help you reach the public, to entering your project for awards and hosting competitions to get buy-in.



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