Social Media

Social media is all about creating conversation with your audience. Even large multi-national, commercial brands need to do this if they are to boost awareness through the platforms they use.

offers guidance and support on how to decide what social media platforms might be best for you, and how to use them to engage well.

View Tools & Resources for good practice examples to help you in your work.


It’s important your organisation has a social media strategy covering its use, organisational benefits and risks. You should also build social media into your engagement strategies to make sure you are reaching stakeholders. View Tools & Resources for advice on how to do this.

Engaging through social media

Social media is not just about broadcasting messages through one-way communication. To engage properly with people:

  • Give your audience content that they want to share
  • Ask questions to invite feedback
  • Reach out to your community when they mention your brand
  • Offer help and information when someone asks a question
  • Be ready to respond when people engage with you
  • Say ‘thank you’

Social media platforms

Navigating your way through the many social media platforms available, as well as the ways to use them to communicate, can be daunting.

offers some top-line advice on the most popular platforms and their uses:

  • Twitter – The most instantaneous and news-driven of the social media platforms, Twitter uses short, succinct updates, ideally with links and images attached. It offers huge potential for reaching a wide audience, as content can gather rapid momentum through retweets. Because information travels so fast, it’s a good idea to seek advice or training on managing risks and using Twitter to engage.
  • Facebook – Facebook is now used by all ages to communicate with friends, follow organisations and brands, and align with causes. You should consider how you will manage Facebook, to engage through it and the kind of more illustrated content to share through the platform. 
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn opens up a world of networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with people in a more professional capacity. Content should be useful and relevant to a work-related environment. Through LinkedIn, you can develop connections with people who may be able to support you in engaging with specific groups.
  • Google+ – A fast-developing platform with the power to open doors to a range of influencers – you can also join Google+ as a ‘brand’ and connect with users. The ‘Communities’ feature allows interest-based linking, while ‘Hangout’ offers an online meeting, discussion and demonstration space.
  • Pinterest – Platform allowing you to post visuals linking back to websites and group them by categories. Pinterest is ideal for broadening awareness of your work or things you like created by others, and driving engagement through sharing.

There are many other social media platforms such as Instagram, for image-sharing. You may also view YouTube as a social media platform. View Tools & Resources for more advice.


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