What to include in a consultation document

A formal consultation will need some type of document that outlines the need for change and the proposed options.

Here is an example of recommended items to include in a consultation document about service change:

  • A clear message about the change and why it is necessary
  • Clear vision of the future service; if the change is in relation to hospitals, include how the service will be provided within an integrated service model
  • An explanation of what would happen if nothing changes, i.e. quality, safety, accessibility and proximity of services
  • Benefits and outcome for patients and service users
  • Clear evidence for services to be on a single or fewer sites
  • Can you evidence support from clinicians regarding the changes?
  • Demonstrate how you tested changes that are promoted by clinical governance issues
  • To prove that the option is not already decided, show which options were considered during the pre-consultation phase of your engagement
  • How will you achieve sustainable staffing?
  • Risk management – explain the risks and how they will be managed
  • Have you been able to demonstrate the financial implications of different proposals?
  • How are you protecting the interests of those who will be affected
  • How will you evaluate change once the implementation has taken place
  • Have the documents been signed off by the board?
  • Make them available in different formats


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