Stakeholder Mapping

Creating a stakeholder map will help you make sense of your stakeholder list. It will show you how much to involve and consider a group in a particular engagement project.

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Ordering stakeholders

A stakeholder map is a chart you can use to order and prioritise the groups you have identified as necessary to engage with.

You should analyse each listed stakeholder, determining whether each has:

  • ‘Higher’ or ‘lower’ power and influence
    ‘Higher’ are likely to be budget holders, opinion formers such as the media, MPs, those involved in service delivery, directors and senior management
  • ‘More’ or ‘less’ affected by/interested in your engagement work, or suggested service change
    ‘Higher’ are likely to be patients, relevant charities and community groups, local authorities and staff

Usually set out in a four-sector table – sometimes nine if there are many groups to consider – you should plot each stakeholder into their relevant category to help you determine the extent and regularity of communication and engagement with them.

Stakeholder mapping table


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