Improving Patient Experience

Every part of the health and care system is shaped and improved by involving those who use and care about our services. This expertise is important for patients and carers, as well as the health care service.


WHY should I improve patient experience?

Users will benefit from:

  • Increasing their own confidence
  • Better understanding of how the NHS operates 
  • Influence over how and where health services are provided
  • Improve services for future users, as well as potentially helping to spot failures

The NHS organisation, and its staff, will benefit from:

  • Better understanding of the needs and priorities of the local community
  • Make better decisions, and therefore have more appropriate use of health services locally
  • Efficient, effective and accessible services


HOW should I improve patient experience?

There are a number of methods to help improve patient experience that can engage people at different levels using a variety of techniques. Here are a few examples:


WHEN should I improve patient experience?

  • Improving patient experience should be an on-going process
  • People with first-hand experience should be involved in the planning, design and delivery of the health care services
  • By involving users at all of these stages it will lead to a more joined up, coordinated and efficient service


WHO should be involved in improving patient experience?

  • Relationships between NHS services and users is key in improving patient experience
  • Patients and carers are key in sharing their individual experiences and where this is working well, or needs further improvement
  • Staff within the healthcare services can be understanding to users needs and the constraints of healthcare planning, to ensure realistic improvements are made


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