Gathering Feedback

Gathering feedback from patients, their carers or representatives, public, staff and potential users is the most common form of improving patient experience.

All of these views help shape and improve local health care services for the patient. There are a number of ways to gain this feedback, such as:

  • Written; comment forms or cards, questionnaires and surveys
  • Verbal; formal groups and panels, one to one interviews, open surgeries and events
  • Online; feedback forums and discussion groups, e-surveys
  • Real time feedback, such as the Mystery Shopper Exercise, or hand held devices that gather the feedback at the time the user has contact with the service
  • Volunteers, who add value to a patients experience and can have a relationship with the user, can help forward on their views and feedback about their experience

Many of these methods can be adapted depending on the size of audience you are targeting.


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