Mystery Shopper

The Mystery Shopper Exercise is a customer feedback tool used to assess the quality of services.

Existing patients and carers are recruited to provide feedback on their actual experience at the time they receive it. The feedback is based on their contact with services, whether it was by telephone, letter or face to face, planned or unplanned.

The feedback is used to inform the health care service where things are going well for patients, so good practice can be shared amongst the service, as well as areas that require further improvement.

The exercise also benefits the user. They help to make a difference to their local community by shaping the local health services, and also gaining personal benefits, such as building their confidence, meeting new people and gaining or building on existing experience and skills.

The difference with this form is that it offers real time feedback just after the user has visited a service, made a phone call or received a letter. Many other methods ask you to recall your thoughts at a later date, which can result in less reliable feedback, and causes delays in health services receiving results and taking action.


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