Insight in action

For our first look at 'Insight in action', Jane Blay, quality, patient safety and experience commissioning manager at Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) gives us an overview of the CCG's experience of using the system.

Shropshire CCG started to use Insight in June 2013 as part of our commitment to improving the quality and safety of services. The CCG wants to promote a no blame culture of openness and transparency across the health economy so providers and commissioners feel able to openly report problems and work together to influence change for the better.

However we found that other than for serious incidents, there was no formal way of reporting and capturing valuable insight from organisations providing frontline care to patients. The Insight system gave us a solution to this problem by enabling us to capture a wide range of intelligence that could be inputted by a range of people from different organisations.

Initially we only collected data from our GP practices but we quickly expanded the scope of the system and now our local acute, specialist and community providers all feed in data. As you can imagine, this provides us with a vast amount of information, however we believe the more incidents and issues reported, the more action we can take to improve the quality and safety of services.

We've seen a number of changes as a result of information gathered through Insight including:

  • Escalation to serious incidents – following investigation, a small number of concerns have been escalated to serious incidents which might otherwise have been overlooked
  • Discharges – staff on acute wards now establish direct contact with district nursing teams during discharge rather than relying on less reliable communication means such as faxes and answerphone messages
  • Patient communication – the anti-coagulation service answerphone message has been changed following feedback that there was a risk that the original message could be misinterpreted and could result in patient harm.

Insight gives us the capability to be sighted on issues at an early stage which means they can be dealt with before they become problems. It also helps us to ensure the health economy in Shropshire are commissioning and providing the very best health services for patients.

Do you want to share how you put Insight into action?

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