How To Interact

Interact allows users to connect and benefit from ways to share good practice and experiences.


My profile – tell others about you

Your profile tells others about you. Start joining groups, connecting with people and uploading content today. Create a profile to get started.



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Groups – join, create and discuss

Join groups to share information and experiences with others around a similar topic, or tell the community about a project you are proud to have been involved in. Use the search bar to find groups and request to become a member. You can also create a group, which will be sent to moderators for approval.



Forum – address, share and talk

If you are a professional or lay expert, you can access the forum. These are areas for discussion around a particular topic and allow you to chat, real-time, with others about engagement, to source solutions and share experiences.

If you are uncomfortable with a user’s behaviour, or any language used on a forum, please click the ‘report’ button. Alternatively, use the online contact form to detail the incident, date, time and particular forum and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.


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Videos/photos – access and upload

Find videos and photos in the library. The uploader also allows you to post your own material to your profile, which you can make available to all users.

Individuals are responsible for content they upload. Written consent must be given by any individuals who appear in photos and videos. The Navigators will be carrying out spot checks on materials.


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