New NHS England policies

Patient and Public Participation Policy

NHS England has recently released a new Patient and Public Participation Policy. A link to the policy can be found online - there is just one section that applies to CCGs which is in section six and applies to co-commissioning of primary care services.

The national guidance that applies to ALL commissioners can be found at the following link, which provides an overview of the legal requirements and the duty to involve.

It is recommended you also read the Statement of Arrangements and Guidance on Patient and Public Participation in Commissioning which contains guidance for commissioners on how to identify when the legal duty to involve the public applies and what action they are required to take. It also included details of NHS England’s existing processes and arrangements which support the duty to involve patients and the public, as well public involvement initiatives.


Planning, assuring and delivering service change for patients

The planning, assuring and delivering service change for patients document is a good practice guide for commissioners on the NHS England assurance process for major service changes and reconfigurations. 

This guidance sets out the required assurance process commissioners follow when conducting service reconfiguration. It offers support and assurance to ensure reconfiguration can progress, with due consideration for the four tests of service change which the government mandate requires NHS England to test against.


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