Our award winning Insight!

We are thrilled to have won an award for our Insight system at the Patient Experience Network National Awards (PENNA) which took place recently.

The Insight system, which helps us to understand the voice of the local population by bringing together patient experience, feedback and public opinion into one database, was chosen by judges as the top entry in the Commissioning for Patient Experience category.

The six streams of Involvement

Now we’re in the next phase of Involvement we’re looking forward to focussing on the six key support streams which are available to commissioners to help them engage with patients and the public. Some of these streams include patient recruitment and membership, public consultation and continuous engagement, research and event management.

The next phase - revealed!

The future of the Involvement project is looking bright after 40 engagement leads from across the health and social care sector came together at the next phase event in Peterborough to learn how it will evolve.

The event, held on Monday 23 February, highlighted how the project has benefited patients and commissioners by providing an opportunity for users to share, learn and interact, helping them to better engage with staff and the public.


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