Meaningful participation for people with disabilities

The Involvement team are always looking for opportunities to promote the project and talk to public and professionals about meaningful engagement in the NHS. The Disability Partnership together with East of England Strategic Clinical Networks held an event for ‘Meaningful participation for people with disabilities’, and we were delighted to attend and have stall in the ‘marketplace’.

Not reinventing the wheel

Involvement aims to bridge the gap in the participation agenda by sharing best practice tools and resources and offering a platform for people to interact and share experiences. 

Penny Gibbs, East Midlands Navigator, explains: “We know a lot of organisations do excellent engagement, and have useful resources.  We also know that some organisations need some help connecting with the right people, or need help finding a more consistent approach when it comes to involving patients or the public.  Involvement can help support people do better engagement, by offering advice, information and a chance to connect with colleagues or like-minded people.


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